Nightscannig Screen Shots

Screenshot from 16 Multi - Channel HD Screens (MATRIX EAST 2007 Artists in Residency)

This project is a dream-recording photographic diary, entitled "nightscanning". Paused and trapped time in the darkness guides you to explore unknown landscape in the city and the mind of the artist. The story is about a lost woman who trying to find her place to rest but she decided to stay as a wanderer like a liquid. 

The desire for travelling, or wandering around, is the beginning of a method of learning for a nomad. However and possibly even because of this relationship, after the physical relocation from one’s homeland to “elsewhere”, the fundamental agony of the Third-world woman’s desire for “elsewhere” does not change. Camera angle is same position as a main protagonist in this night time capturing process.

For: To create an interactive art piece using performance and a nonlinear narrative in the form of multi channel screen environment. To challenge the audience to freely interpret and experience my piece and appreciate it as a mixed media piece in terms of the digital screen as well as traditional installation art piece.

Facilities required: 3 high quality video projectors / 30 x 19’’ high quality flat panel display screens / 5 channel speakers (or wireless headphones) for the exhibition

Exhibition Invited at:

Art District, Generation II, City Porject in Poznan, Poland 2007
Exhibition, Matrix East Research Centre Launch Show in 2007
EVA (Electronic Information, the Visual Arts and Beyond) Conference International Special Screening 2007
Cultural Studies Now, An International Conference Special Screening 2007